Frequently Asked Questions

Are epoxy floors durable?

Epoxy floors are very durable for most commercial and industrial applications. Additional durability can be achieved by adding more layers to the system. A four layer epoxy system is more durable to dropped tools and damage than a three layer system. For heavier duty applications, urethane cement provides a heavier duty floor.

What colors are available for epoxy floors?

Epoxy floors come in nearly infinite solid colors, combinations of colors, textures and looks. Appearance can be modified with the addition of colored quartz sand, mixed in different combinations or in a solid color. Vinyl chips can also be added to provide a different appearance. Lastly, various pigments as well as metal pigments can be added to change colors or provide the metalic or marbled appearance that you may have seen.

Are epoxy floors non-slip?

Epoxy, urethane cement and polyaspartic floors can all be installed with varying degrees of non-slip properties to meet the objectives of your project. Quartz sand can be broadcast in different quantities from none to quite a lot. This aggregate adds lots of grip into the floor. Different sized quartz aggregate can further enhance non-slip characteristics. For intense non-skid applications where traction is a must, we can even broadcast aluminum oxide which are actual metal granules into the floor. 

What are the drawbacks of epoxy flooring?

For most people, epoxy flooring has become synonymous with the broader category of resinous floors. What many don’t realize is that within this catch all of “epoxy” there is a whole family of many products that may appear similar however have many different qualities. Epoxy falls short when it comes to high or very low temperature applications, for example in walk in freezers or when exposed to very hot water in a commercial kitchen. It also isn’t the best choice when it will be exposed to a significant amount of prolonged water. Lastly, when chemical resistance is necessary, other resinous flooring options often are a better choice.