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Photos and Descriptions of Some Work We’ve Completed

Quartz Epoxy Floor – Animal Hospital in Golden, CO

Approximately 2,500 sq. ft. double broadcast decorative quartz epoxy floor with a small area of 4″ cove needed.

Large Civic Building Mechanical Room – Epoxy, Urethane Cement, Clean and Seal Concrete

This large project in a Denver civic building was a technical project consisted of a 6,000 sq. ft. epoxy area around mechanical equipment, a 4,000 ft. boiler room with bad spider cracking that called for a urethane cement floor and a 6,000 sq. ft. area that needed to be cleaned and re-sealed. It also required a containment area for bulk mechanical room chemicals and over a thousand linear feet of heavy duty caulking around it’s perimeter. Overall, a fine example of a large industrial flooring project.

Large Lab Space in Academic Building РMoisture Mitigation 

This project for an academic building in Boulder involved grinding off a 1/4-3/8″ thick cementitious underlayment and the original failed coating beneath it. Next, we reinstalled an Ardex MC Rapid moisture mitigation system and reinstalled an Ardex cementitious underlayment back on top, allowing a new rubber floor to be installed.

Commercial Kitchen in a Douglas County School

This commercial kitchen floor needed a facelift. We installed a Dur-A-Flex Hybriflex quartz epoxy system in dark blue along with a 4″ cove base throughout.¬†

Urethane Cement Floor – Brewery in Highlands Ranch, CO

The original DIY epoxy floor in this brewery was failing. The ongoing damage from fluid and cleaning was causing issues. We ground and prepped the floor in the brewing area and coated it with urethane cement which provides a durable, resilient, cleanable brewery floor.

Gray Metallic Epoxy Floor in Golden, CO

3,200 sq. ft. of metallic epoxy in an office space with an attached warehouse. The owner wanted a floor that would highlight the brick, so we chose a gray metallic epoxy over a dark brown background to bring through some of the natural brick tones in places. Before the install there was a moisture concern, so we installed a moisture blocking primer first.

Commercial Kitchen Epoxy in Frisco, CO

This commercial kitchen floor was in drastic need of some work. The old epoxy had worn through and they needed a good non-skid, cleanable floor. We used a urethane cement floor with a 6″ integral cove base and also repaired some existing epoxy in the food prep area.

Polished Concrete Floor – BBQ Restaurant in Lakewood, CO

This project involved reviving some badly beat up concrete and giving it a great industrial look. The slab had seen a lot of different saw cuts, jackhammer marks and nail pops that accumulated over the years.

We filled all of the holes, cracks and gaps (and jackhammer marks!) and then polished the concrete to a 400 grit, giving it a nice and easily maintainable shine without going overboard for the front of house restaurant flooring

ESD Floor – Electrostatic Discharge Flooring

We have installed many ESD epoxy flooring projects from a few hundred square feet to multiple thousands of square feet.

Various Flooring Repairs

We don’t just install floors, we repair them too. Sometimes after equipment on a floor moves, or other times where there is a high-wear area or damage has been done to the floor otherwise.

Restaurant Kitchen Urethane Cement Floor – Castle Rock, CO

We installed a durable, cleanable, heat resistant and waterproof urethane cement floor with 6″ cove in a new build restaurant. While urethane cement is the ideal choice for kitchens, we also install restaurant epoxy floors as well.

Urethane Cement Floor – Carwash in Aurora, CO

The concrete in a car wash is subject to significant abuse. Between the water and a steady flow of vehicles driving across it day and night, it wears down. This car was was no exception. Significant amounts of aggregate were showing through with the concrete worn away.

We grinded and shotblasted the floor and then installed a heavy duty urethane cement floor, leaving a waterproof and highly resilient floor that looks great and will perform even better. Some additional upgrades by the GC and this carwash will be back in service and looking great!

Residential Garage – Denver, CO

We don’t typically do residential garages simply because a 3 or 4 coat epoxy/polyaspartic garage floor isn’t price competitive with the 1 to 2 coat floors that other companies are willing to put down. Our floors are usually too labor and material competitive for it to make sense. But, we do put down some great looking, very heavy duty floors for those discerning customers who want the job done very well. Normally we install epoxy in commercial garages and automotive facilities.

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Since 1989, General Industrial Flooring has been installing epoxy floors and restoring concrete throughout the greater Denver area and beyond.

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