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Expert Installation of Durable and Reliable Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Epoxy Flooring for Civic and Institutional Facilities

Installing epoxy resin flooring is a common flooring solution for most civic and institutional buildings. Commercial and industrial buildings experience high traffic and need resilient and attractive flooring solutions.

For example, civic buildings have a lot of moving parts such as carts, chairs, and people. Below are examples of epoxy specialties. 

There are a few things to consider when coating floors. Below are variables layers of epoxy can provide.

  • Appealing colors and textures can be added to epoxy resin layers to make the flooring stand ou
  • Epoxy floor systems are highly cleanable and easy to clean with hot water and/or steam making them easy to maintain
  • Properly applied epoxy adhesives can handle wet and dry environments
  • Installing epoxy flooring, if done properly, will be non-porous and crack free
  • Smooth surfaces become hazardous in wet conditions. Skid resistant epoxy coatings will prevent accidents
  • Epoxy floor coating systems have moisture and chemical resistant properties that protect against solvents and acids.

Epoxy Choices

Solid Epoxy Flooring

A solid color epoxy installed on a concrete slab

Flake Epoxy Flooring

Acrylic chip flakes are added to a solid epoxy for texture and to approve appearance

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy pigment is added into the solid epoxy giving it pearlescent texture

Quartz Epoxy Flooring

This is the most dynamic epoxy type. Quartz epoxy is used to create a carpet like texture with infinite color combinations

man covering floor in green epoxy layer

Urethane Cement Flooring

Urethane cement is another great flooring option for certain civic and institutional buildings. Most importantly, this is a long-lasting, highly durable solution for commercial floors.


Urethane cement offers high performance and durability. In other words, it’s able to handle wear and tear of an environment with a higher demanding surface.

Easily Installed

Urethane cement has a quick floor installation process and cure time. It is applied directly on top of concrete without the need for primer or a topcoat. 

Chemical, Moisture, and Temperature Resistance

Urethane cement will not corrode easily against chemicals, acid stains, and high temperatures. 

epoxy floor in manufacturing facility

Polished Concrete Flooring for Civic Buildings

Polished concrete is another attractive option that can be used for civic or institutional buildings where appearance is the priority. In short, concrete can be polished from a dull shine to a highly reflective surface. Similarly, floors that don’t require that high-shine pop can still benefit from a grind and seal.

Skid and Slip Resistant

While polished concrete looks as smooth as glass it’s incredibly slip and skid resistant. That is to say, you will not have to worry about minor slipping accidents.

Low Maintenance and Affordable

Maintenance for polished concrete involves simple, daily mopping with a neutral cleaner. Furthermore, the polished shine is mostly maintained with daily cleanings and infrequent polishing.


Concrete is highly durable to begin with. However, to increase durability, a densifier is applied. This strengthens the concrete well beyond that of untreated concrete. It also makes the concrete polish better.

polished concrete in an office setting

Examples of Civic and Institutional Buildings We Serve:


Town Halls

Concert Halls

Public Squares

Government Buildings



Nursing Homes


Airport Terminals

Bus Stations


Birds eye view of civic buildings in a city

Professional Civic and Institutional Flooring Solutions in Denver, CO

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