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Expert Epoxy Flooring Installations For All Automotive Industry Applications

Automotive Industry Flooring 

The automotive industry has a variety of services all with specific automotive service floor coating needs. Heavily used spaces, such as auto repair shops, demand strong floors that stand up to daily usage.

Respectively, there are also options suitable for less demanding floors such as car dealerships and showrooms.

Below are automotive industry flooring options for different automotive services we consider to be the best.

Automobile showroom with lines of cars

 Floor Coating Options for Different Automotive Services

Any automobile service with heavy demands such as auto mechanics, auto dealers, auto repair shops, auto manufacturing facilities and even car washes offer plenty of challenging elements when it comes to selecting the right floor.

Heavy equipment, power wash cleanings, oil drips, tools or large item drops, and constant foot and machine traffic all play a role. These pose damaging use to most types of epoxy flooring systems.

1.) Urethane Cement Flooring

Urethane Cement is the best choice for the most demanding flooring applications. It’s durable, heat and chemical resistant and stands up to all kinds of heavy use.

Durable against large machinery and heavy equipment

Urethane cement is the more durable, heavier duty choice. For instance, auto repair shops contain heavy equipment, tracked equipment, service bays or lifts making them perfect for urethane cement flooring.

Urethane cement is the right solution for providing a functional, durable, and long-lasting auto repair shop flooring. It’s also waterproof and make fluid spill cleanups, like oil or transmission fluid, easier. The only downside is that this flooring type is more expensive and also is more “industrial” looking than other choices like Epoxy and Polyaspartic.

2.) Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coatings are another popular flooring material. This aesthetically pleasing option is a quicker, simpler, and more affordable option for car dealership floorings. 

Compared against urethane cement, epoxy flooring offers lower durability and therefore can suffer damage from large machines, tool drops and high temperature liquids. 

Furthermore, a dealership showroom harbors less challenging environments and is more suitable for epoxy flooring. It’s easy to clean, heat resistant, and resistant to certain chemicals.

Where extreme durability is not required and when aesthetics are the priority, epoxy floors are a great choice.

3.) Polished / Sealed Concrete

Sealed or polished concrete can be an effective solution for an auto dealership or other facility with flooring that doesn’t require anything but basic functionality. Using vacuum diamond grinding equipment, we grind, clean and seal concrete floors. 

Densifying and sealing the concrete provides a clean, attractive hard surface at the lowest price point. Sealed concrete does not hold up to stains and damage as well as urethane cement or epoxy, however.

You can save on grinding costs if the concrete is newly poured or in otherwise good condition. We can simply mechanically clean and seal the concrete as well as patch and repair areas of damaged concrete.

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Urethane Cement Flooring

Auto shop flooring needs to be durable and long lasting. Urethane cement is the go to solution. In other words, urethane cement flooring provides protection, abrasion resistance, and longevity in heavy traffic, demanding workplaces such as auto shops.

Here’s what Urethane cement offers:

  • Long-Lasting – Urethane cement floors are strong and durable
  • Thermal Shock Stability – Urethane cement can withstand pressure washing and varying temperatures. 
  • Chemical Resistant – Urethane cement can withstand different types of chemical exposure.
  • Non-Slip – A coating of quartz sand gives the urethane cement a skid resistant surface.
  • Non-Porous – Urethane cement is poured over a concrete slab. You can can choose an optional 4″ or 6″ cove.
  • Odorless – Installing urethane cement is a virtually odorless process.
  • USDA Approved – The bacteria resistant elements of urethane cement pass all USDA requirements.
Urethane Cement in an auto repair shop

Epoxy Resin Flooring

A less demanding space, such as an automotive dealership showroom, is perfect for epoxy resin flooring. Additionally, epoxy can be combined with a wide range of colorful quartz sand and vinyl chips for a more aesthetic look.

Skid and Slip Resistant

A mixture of quartz sand or vinyl chips is mixed into the final layer to give the surface a textured coating.

Fast Install

Installing epoxy can be fast and seamless if done correctly. However, the more demanding the environment the more repairs or replacements.


Epoxy is the most affordable flooring option we offer besides sealed concrete. Additionally, epoxy is a great option for public areas if there are mixed spaces requiring different flooring types.

Epoxy flooring in an automobile showroom

Polished Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete is another attractive option for spaces where appearance is the priority. In short, concrete can be polished from a dull shine to a highly reflective surface.

Slip Resistant

Polished concrete is incredibly slip and skid resistant as to avoid accidents in the workplace.

Easily Maintained and Cost Effective

Simple, daily mopping with a neutral cleaner is all you need to maintain polished concrete flooring.

Tough and Durable

A densifier is applied to increase concrete’s natural durability. It also makes the concrete polish more easily.

Polished concrete in an auto mechanic shop

Expert Denver Automotive Flooring Installations

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