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Warehouse Flooring Overview

Heavily used spaces, such as warehouses, demand strong floors that stand up to daily usage. There are few options that make the most sense for warehouse flooring in Denver and the surrounding area, often depending on your specific application. Below are flooring options for warehouses we consider to be the best.

Warehouses harbor plenty of challenging elements when it comes to selecting the right floor. Large equipment, power wash cleanings, tool or heavy item drops and constant foot and machine traffic can all be present. These all pose damaging use to commercial warehouse flooring.

Because of this, industrial buildings demand an easy to clean, slip resistant flooring protected from heat and liquids.

1.) Urethane Cement Flooring for Warehouses

Urethane Cement is the best choice for the most demanding warehouse floor applications. It’s durable, heat and chemical resistant and stands up to all kinds of abuse. 

Stands up best to forklifts and heavy equipment

If you run heavy equipment, tracked equipment or forklifts in your facility, Urethane cement is the more durable, heavier duty choice that’s going to be right for you.

Urethane cement is the perfect solution for providing a functional, durable, and long-lasting warehouse floor. 


2.) Epoxy Flooring for Warehouses

Epoxy coatings are another popular flooring material. It, however, requires more maintenance that urethane cement. This aesthetically pleasing option is a quicker, simpler, and more affordable option for warehouse facilities.

Compared against urethane cement, epoxy flooring offers lower durability, heat resistance, and certain chemical resistance.

Epoxy resin is less durable and can therefore suffer damage from large machines, tool drops and high temperature liquids.

Nevertheless, some warehouses do not have such challenging environments and epoxy can be perfect.

Where extreme durability is not required, epoxy floors are a great choice. Moreover, epoxy is a great floor solution for front end spaces.


3.) Sealed Concrete for Warehouses

For warehouse floors that don’t require anything but basic functionality, sealed concrete still does the job well. Using vacuum diamond grinding equipment, we grind, clean and seal concrete floors. 

Densifying and sealing the concrete provides a clean, hard surface that still looks good, at the lowest price point. It does not retain the same stain or damage resistance or look as good, but it does a fine job for many applications. 

If the concrete is newly poured or in otherwise good condition, often we can simply mechanically clean and seal the concrete, further saving on grinding costs.

For uneven floors, we also patch and repair areas of damaged concrete and can also grind areas flat.


Warehouse Urethane Cement Flooring

Warehouse buildings need durable flooring systems. Urethane cement is the go to solution. In other words, urethane cement flooring provides protection and longevity in heavy traffic, demanding workplaces such as an industrial warehouse.

Urethane cement is considered a resinous flooring, however, it differs greatly from epoxy resin. Here’s why Urethane cement works:

  • Long-Lasting – Urethane cement floors are durable and resistant
  • Thermal Shock Stability – Urethane cement can withstand power washing and won’t wear when exposed to heat. 
  • Chemical Resistant – The integrity of urethane cement will not be affected by many types of chemical exposure.
  • Non-Slip – A textured coating of quartz sand gives the urethane cement a slip resistant surface
  • Non-Porous – Urethane cement floors are installed over a concrete slab along with an optional 4″ or 6″ cove. The non-porous surface stops debris and bacteria from growing in gaps or cracks.
  • Odorless – The installation of a urethane cement flooring system is a virtually odorless process.
  • USDA Approved – The bacteria resistant elements of urethane cement pass all USDA requirements.
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Warehouse Epoxy Resin Flooring

A less demanding warehouse can select epoxy resin flooring. Multiple layers of epoxy are applied on top of an existing, prepared concrete slab making for a quick installation process. Additionally, epoxy can be combined with a wide range of colorful quartz sand and vinyl chips for a more aesthetic look.

Skid and Slip Resistant

A mixture of quartz sand or vinyl chips is applied to give the surface a textured coating. This leaves the epoxy coating with a non slip surface

Quick to Install

If done correctly, installing epoxy can be fast and seamless. However, the more demanding the environment the more floor repairs or replacements.

Low Cost

Apart from sealed concrete, epoxy is the most affordable flooring option we offer. Epoxy flooring is the better option unless you need something to handle more demanding flooring. Furthermore, epoxy is a great option for public areas if there are mixed spaces requiring different flooring types.

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Professional Denver Warehouse Flooring Installations

General Industrial Flooring has installed flooring for countless businesses in and around Denver since 1989. GIF offers extensive experience in the flooring industry and we are open to consult for any flooring project. 

We are here to serve you whether it’s a new or existing project. We work with general contractors and individual business owners alike. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss the specifics of your project.