Old School Cool

Archived Photos From The Early 90s and 2000s

Ever stumble through an old photo album and it puts a big smile on your face? That’s what this page is dedicated to. There are plenty of epoxy flooring and concrete restoration companies to choose from, but few have been operating non-stop in the Denver area since 1989, like we have.

During that time, we’ve done major projects all throughout the front range. We’ve had the opportunity to work on floors for the Atlas Shuttle program at Lockheed Martin, countless floors for Ball Aerospace, Pepsi, Lexmark, GM, the Denver Aquarium, various hospitals, labs and clean rooms, many museums and civic buildings and numerous other well known brands and organizations. We even worked on the yellow treads you see at most RTD Lightrail stops.

We’re a real part of the fabric of this great town and state, and we’re damn proud of it.

As a special mention, Tim Egle, our superintendent, has been with General Industrial Flooring since 1992 and provided all of the photos you see below. You can identify him in some of these photos by the great 90’s hair and accompanying mustache. As a side note, with all that experience, you’ll struggle to find someone more knowledgeable about industrial flooring than Tim.

Enjoy the photos!

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As you probably can tell, we’ve been doing this for a while. Even though the mullet hair cuts, cool van and the propane powered John Deere tractor shot blaster are sadly ancient history, we’re still proudly installing many of Denver’s best floors today.