Retail Epoxy and Polished Concrete Flooring


Attractive and Simple Retail Flooring Installations for Denver’s Retail Businesses

Retail Epoxy Flooring

Retail stores demand pleasing aesthetics to turn products. Epoxy flooring is meant to do just that. Epoxy is an easy to clean and quick to install floor coating giving any retail shop a visual, eye catching pop. Epoxy resin is a simple solution and comes in a variety of finishes.

Why epoxy flooring over vinyl or hardwood flooring?

It’s true, vinyl and hardwood are both aesthetically pleasing options for retail flooring. So why choose epoxy? Vinyl and hardwood are both easily damaged, especially in high traffic areas such as retail spaces. Vacuum cleaners, clothing racks, wheeled carts, chair and table legs, and foot traffic all scratch and damage vinyl and hardwood. 

Epoxy, on the other hand, is much easier to clean and can withstand impacts and everyday use. This smooth, non-porous surface can be mopped, vacuumed, and cleaned with no risk of damaging or staining. 

Give your flooring an aesthetic pop

Epoxy has a variety of finishes to match whichever esthetic your retail shop demands! Quartz, colored quartz, vinyl chips, and metallic epoxy pigment all give different textures to the epoxy coating to make your floors stick out. General Industrial Flooring even offers gravel epoxy which allows for intricate designs, such as a logo, to be implemented in your flooring. 

Is Epoxy Flooring Right For Your Business?

Choosing a flooring is a high dollar commitment and making the right choice can be difficult. Below are a few reasons to consider choosing epoxy resin for your flooring.

  • Epoxy resin is popular in grocery stores, department stores, and malls
  • Whether you want a solid color or a texture surface epoxy resin has a solution
  • Decorate your flooring with colored quartz sand, vinyl chips or metallic pigments
  • Epoxy flooring is a long lasting solution without much upkeep
  • One of the least expensive options when it comes to resinous flooring
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The high floss finishes gives a vibrant look to a retail setting
  • Cleanable and easily maintained against wear and tear
  • Resistant to water and other liquids 
  • Skid resistant final coating options available
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Polished Concrete for Retail Floors

Polished concrete is another option that provides an attractive floor for a retail store. Polished concrete can be finely polished into a highly-reflective, nearly mirror finish. Like epoxy, polished concrete is a simple, elegant, easily maintained flooring solution for a retail space.

Skid and Slip Resistant

While this flooring may look smooth and slipper, it is actually incredibly durable and slip resistant

Easily Maintained

Daily mopping with a neutral cleaner is the only thing needed to maintain polished concrete. If cracks or gaps begin to show, we can easily fill and polish over them with little to no effort.

Tough and Long Lasting

Concrete, by nature, is an incredibly durable surface. However, to make it even stronger, we use a densifier during the polishing process. This gives the concrete extra durability to ensure long lasting strength.


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Expert Retail Epoxy and Polished Concrete Flooring in Denver, CO.

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